Film Production Scheduling

  • 1. Upload your script
  • 2. We give you an insane head start
  • 3. Customize your reports with our editing tools
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Effortless Automation

Breakdown your script in seconds and generate your schedule & reports.

Creative Focus

Concentrate on the creative while the administrative work is taken care of.

Secure Protocol

Encrypted data transfer and secure storage to keep your information safe.

Everything you need for production scheduling

Shamel is designed with the familiar in mind.


Sort your scenes, add day breaks & banners, and finally export to PDF once your done.

Frequently asked questions

    • Do I have to pay to use Shamel Scheduling?

      No, we offer a Free plan that gives you access to all the scheduling tools. If you need to export PDF reports, create more than 1 project or need additional support, you can upgrade to the professional plan.

    • What makes you different from other scheduling software?

      First of all, we are built by filmmakers for filmmakers. We give you all the tooling you need including stripboards, scene breakdown, DOOD reports, element management and more. We also offer a Free plan to get you started without any commitment.

    • Can I trust you uploading a confidential script?

      Yes, we take your privacy very seriously. We employ robust security measures to encrypt all data transfers and ensure the secure storage of your information. Your data remains strictly confidential and is never shared with any external parties.

    • I don’t know where to start. Can I get some help?

      We’re happy to give you a private demo and walk you through Shamel’s tools and features. Book a demo.

    • What file types for scripts do you support?

      We currently support .pdf, but we're working on adding support for other file types like .fdx.

    • Do I need to learn a new way of scheduling to use Shamel?

      Not at all, It's the same process you're already used to but we've automated the tedious parts and added some new features to make your life easier.

    • Can I export to Movie Magic Scheduling?

      Yes, we currently support export to Movie Magic Scheduling. Check out our short for it.

    • Are all script formats supported?

      We support most standard screenplay formats, but if you come across a format that isn't supported, please let us know by filling out the contact form or in our Discord channel, and we'll work on adding support for it.

    • What's the maximum number of projects I can have?

      Yes, with our Professional Plan, you can create up to 20 projects. While the free tier allows you to create only 1 project. If you need more projects, please contact us.

    • What languages do you support?

      We currently support English, but stay in touch with our journey as we expand into other languages!